Veterati – The Uber of Mentorship

When you consider that over half of companies admit their best job candidates come from internal employee referrals, we are THRILLED to partner with Veterati, the ‘Uber of (Veteran) Mentorship’.

Veterati solves two key pieces in the veteran hiring initiatives:

  1. increasing employee advocacy in referring qualified candidates
  2. retaining veteran talent after veterans are hired.

It’s not just enough to have a Diversity and Inclusion program which focuses on the hire but neglects the Inclusion piece.  In many studies, more than half the companies don’t have a formal veteran retention program in place to serve their new hires.

According to Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families, ‘half of those surveyed [Veteran Hires] stayed in their first post-separation position 12 months or less’ as opposed to the national average of about one-third of all new hires leave within their first 6-12 months.

These become an important statistic as, based on a LinkedIn study, 49% of companies measure the quality of hire through turnover and retention statistics (which surpassed measuring based on hiring manager satisfaction).

If we are measuring the success of our Diversity and Inclusion programs based on tenure and retention, then it’s crucial to service our new employees post-hire by addressing the need for employee-friendly programs.

Companies cannot afford to have high turnover as, on the monetary end, it’s estimated to cost a company close to 3/4 of the employee’s salary not including the cost and allocation of resources, training, and onboarding.

Partnering with Veterati and extending their cutting-edge mentor platform will allow many companies to rely on internal veteran employees to participate in the hiring process as well as the retention strategy.  Longer tenure only increases morale and job security which leads to higher employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Join the VettedHeroes community allow Veterati’s skilled mentors the opportunity to work to find your long-term dream career.

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