About: Max Lujan

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I am Veteran: 1st, a member of Corporate America: 2nd. If you want to talk transition, ETS, VA Disability process, geographic locations, what good music to listen to while visiting Central Texas or which BBQ joint to stop at…I’m your guy. Having trouble with your golf swing? I can probably help there, too. Most importantly, I’m your guy if you’re a former military leader looking to continue your growth within Amazon’s Military Leaders’ Program.

Here is a little bit about what we do at Amazon in the Military Leaders Program and how we do it: Through a series of intense, progressively challenging opportunities in the core of our elite operations network, we will stretch your leadership capacity to its full potential. The business lessons you learn and credibility you develop will benefit you over the rest of your career and quickly prepare you for effective executive leadership.

Our Military Leaders program is designed to be a fast track to executive leadership and we provide the support to help you get there.

Come join us if you want to Work Hard, Have Fun and Make History.

Go Army!